YPP Eurovox 2015

Young Professionals Program Eurovox 2015 The YPP programme is designed to enable young artists to participate in European conferences. It was initiated in Vienna in 2006 and continued in Paris at ICVT7/Eurovox 2009, when more than 40 applications were received. The most recent Eurovox in Munich, 2012, also included talented young singers as well as teachers who presented research on digital resources. The selected young artists will sing for Master Classes and presentations in various styles (musical theater, classical, popular, folk, jazz, etc.) as well as perform in concert.


Who should apply: Young singers who are at the end of their studies or the beginning of their careers What documents are needed for the application? For classical singers: 3 pieces from different styles or periods, one of them in their native language. For CCM singers: 3 pieces in whatever style or language that represents the artistic personality of the singer Curriculum vita and professional photo A statement from the most recent singing or vocal pedagogy teacher, who must be a member of the national association Confirmation of the application from the President or Councillor of the national EVTA member association Instructions for sending YPP applications: At least one of the songs must be in audiovisual format (video), posted on You Tube or something similar. The candidate will send the link in his/her application. The other two pieces may be sent as audio files, in MP3 format as an email attachment. The rest of the documents in the application must be sent by email A selection committee including EVTA board members and Latvian association members will choose the participants.

Application Deadline: January 1, 2015

Send all YPP applications to: Claudia Phillips: phillips.claudia@wanadoo.fr

FINANCES: All EVTA member associations are invited to send as many as 2 applicants (one classical and/or one CCM, including jazz or music theater). The associations must either find a sponsor or carry the expenses of their applicants themselves. Small associations (under 50 members) may also petition EVTA for a minimal participation in the expenses, in the event that one or more of their applicants has been chosen to participate. The participants who have been selected have free access to all of the conferences, workshops, master classes and social events at Eurovox. TIMELINE: January 1, 2015 - Deadline for applications January 31, 2015 – EVTA associations and participants will be notified of the results EVTA reserves the right to make changes as planning proceeds.


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